The NewYorkCoin Network Needs Your Help

Full Nodes are more important than hash power, they are the ones that verify that the blockchain is following the rules. The purpose of NYC Nodes project is to further strengthen the NewYorkCoin network by helping to bring as many full nodes online as possible. The more NYC full nodes we have online will translate into a faster, more stable, secure and more decentralized network. The goal is to light up the world with the NYC network (nodes), preferably on a low cost and low powered device such as a Raspberry Pi.

Help take NYCoin to the next level and put your foot print on the map. If your Country, City/Region is not listed on the map then we urge you to follow our step-by-step instructions and join the network.

If you are interested in a light weight and a low powered full node solution but don't want to deal with the install/build part then you can purchase a plug-in solution with the blockchain already downloaded from our Shop. Currently we are shipping ready to plug-in Raspberry Pi full nodes.

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